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Paws Down we are not your typical small dog kennel.

Little Paws Bed and Bath offers the best home away from home boarding experience for your pampered pup.

Here are a few reasons why we're a different kind of boarding facility:


Your pooch stays in little bedrooms, NOT a small dog kennel

We provide bowls and raised bedding.

Of course, you are also welcome to bring whatever you would like your pup to have during their stay. (We cannot guarantee it will come back in same condition.)

We have no crates and no chain links.


No time away is complete without the comforts of home.  We offer:

  • An indoor and outdoor play area
  •  Playtime included
  • TV to watch during the day
  • Music or white noise to soothe at night
  • Multiple potty breaks
  • One-on-one grooming


Our facility is home based and family run. In fact, our bedroom is directly above the boarding rooms so we hear when someone is not happy and needs some extra love.

Here are some other security measures we take to ensure a safe and welcoming experience for all:

  • Only dogs 30 pounds and under are allowed to board
  • Web cams to check in on your dog in the boarding rooms, and play areas 24/7
  • Staff certified in pet CPR and first aid
  • Climate controlled environment
  • Security system

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