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This is not your average doggy grooming facility. We start every pup with a blueberry facial and an all-natural shampoo bath.

Our full groom consists of a/an:

  • bath
  • blow dry
  • haircut or brush out and trim
  • nail trimming
  • ear cleaning
  • anal gland expression if needed or asked for


  • Full grooming starts at $40 for short-haired and starts at $70 for long haired
  • Bath only starts at $30
  • Nails only $15.

15+ Years Experience

Additional details:

Dogs 30 pounds and under.

Dogs are groomed one at a time.

They will not be put in a crate unless they need to be cage dried. We try to hand dry all dogs but some just don’t like it. The cage dryer blows out room temperature air so your pup will not overheat. Don't worry: they will only be in the crate for about 15 minutes or so depending on how thick their fur is.

The grooming will take one – two hours depending on the dog. We want this experience to be the best possible for every pup. So, we will not brush out matted dogs. We find this causes discomfort, pain, and fearfulness of coming back to the groomer. Matted dogs will get shaved down. (And we'll let you know before we do anything! Nothing worse than a bad hair-do!)

Planning a trip without your pup? Have your baby stay at our luxury pet hotel, get fully groomed and looking and feeling awesome when you return.

Little Paws Bed and Bath, Inc
312 Wareham St
Middleborough, MA 02346

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