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We have a few rules and requirements
before you board with us.

New Client Information Form

Download, print and fill out our new client registration form before you book!

Dog Information Form

Download, print and fill out our dog registration form before you book. (Please print and fill out a separate form for each dog you're looking to board.)

Boarding Contract

Please review, print, initial and sign the boarding contract before booking your stay.


We accept small breeds 30 pounds and under for boarding and grooming.  If your dog is a large breed but under weight and is under our weight limit, we may refuse to groom or board.  The boarding rooms have half walls and can not accommodate taller dogs.


Dog(s) must be up to date with Rabies and DHPP given at least 2 weeks before.



If you want your dog to have playtime with the other guests, then they must be spayed and neutered if over 9 months old.


Due to concern for our small guests, we do not accept any Pitbull breed. We understand that some Pitbull’s are less than 30 pounds and we also understand that most Pitbull’s are very friendly and lovable but we want our customers feeling safe about leaving their small dogs with us. We apologize for any inconvenience and we hope no one is offended by this choice that we have made.

First Visit

We require that you bring your dog for one overnight stay free of charge before any other boarding reservations can be made. We need to make sure that it's a good fit for your dog. Some reasons that we may refuse to take your dog again are aggression of any sort, excessive barking or destruction (chewing of walls etc.).

You must bring in a dog bed, your dog’s food so they do not get an upset stomach, and medication if needed. We supply the bowls and the raised bed and the bed you bring will go on top. Toys, treats, or anything else you want them to have are also welcomed.

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